What is WinWin?

WinWin is a DeFi savings protocol under development for PulseChain. WinWin will give everyone a fair chance of regularly winning prizes without risking their tokens, all while generating a healthy APY that compounds automatically.

Why WinWin?

Rising living costs, stagnating wages and unprecedented inflation is making it more difficult than ever for people to grow their savings.

To make wealth generation easier and more fun, WinWin is a fair and ethical way to build your savings and win prizes, without ever risking your principal.

How does it work?

WIN stakers earn compounding yield plus enjoy a fair chance to win big crypto prizes monthly, quarterly and yearly. With WinWin, your chance of winning is directly proportional to your share of the pool and the amount of time you have been staked for each draw. It’s that simple.

Stake WIN.
Get more.

In the future, separate smart contracts utilizing popular PulseChain tokens could be added.

These could include PLS, LOAN, MINT, WATT, USDL, PLSX and more. These smart contracts would leverage the given token’s native yield-bearing mechanism, avoiding the need for admin keys.